Hello and welcome to Kevin Tomas Development!

My name is Kevin Tomas and I'm am currently an E-Commerce masters student in northern Germany working as software developer for the ePrivacy GmbH and as a technical writer!

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Personal Projects


This webservice provides predictions for several sports based on complex machine learning models. Backend built with Python and MongoDB and frontend with Next.js and React.

  • Python
  • Flask
  • Tailwind
  • Next.js


This project is still in its starting holes. This website aims to share how to live a vegan life, especially referring to the vegan life in Hamburg

  • Next.js
  • Sanity
  • Tailwind
  • React.js
  • Typescript


This webservice provides an oppurtunity to create spotify group sessions for your friends. Frontend biult with Next.js and Tailwind and API built with Next.js and MongoDB.

  • React
  • MongoDB
  • Tailwind
  • Next.js

Personal Blog

Using React, NextJS, NodeJS and MongoDb, I built a fullstack personal blog. I used NextJs for SEO-optimizing and for easily creating my own api routes.

  • Mongo
  • NextJS
  • React
  • Node

Meetings Planner

In this project I coded an fullstack meetings planner, where you can add and read meetings to a MongoDB database. Feel free to add some new meetings!

  • React
  • NextJS
  • Mongo

News App

This is a relatively simple React/NextJS project. By using the NewsAPI, the site fetches the latest news from Germany

  • React
  • NextJS
  • NewsAPI

Blog Posts

Protecting Next.js apps from CSRF attacks

Learn how to efficiently prevent CSRF attacks in your Next.js apps.

Build a selfie camera timer: React Native stopwatch example

Learn how to build a stopwatch with a custom duration to create a selfie camera timer in React Native.

Testing mobile web apps in Cypress

Tips and tricks for how to emulate mobile devices in your Cypress tests.

Testing two-factor authentication with Cypress

Learn how to test 2FA workflows, including email or SMS-based authentication, using Cypress.

Accessing a new window in Cypress tests

Out of the box, Cypress lacks support for testing across multiple tabs and multiple windows. In this article we'll cover some workarounds that will allow you to successfully test multi-window and multi-tab scenarios in Cypress

Getting started with MUI and Next.js

Configuring MUI and Next.js to work together takes a bit more effort than you may initially think. Learn how to properly start with them

Waiting until elements are interactable in Selenium

Correctly detecting and waiting for asynchronous actions is one of the most effective ways for preventing test flakiness in Selenium

React Native WebView: A complete guide

React Native WebView renders web content in a native view. Learn some of its tricks and features that you can use to your advantage

Creating a React Native search bar from scratch

This is my first blog post as a guest writer for the LogRocket Blog!

Creating React Native animated toast messages from scratch

Here I describe how to build a toast message from scratch with only the React Native Animated library!

How to pass React props to components

In this video tutorial I explain how to pass Props to components in React

Python data visualization with Bokeh and Jupyter Notebook

In this tutorial I explain how to create interactive plots in Python with Bokeh and Jupyter Notebooks

Spotify Player with ReactNative

In this post I'm explaining how I created my custom spotify player!

Testing async code in React Apps

Learn how to use Jest and mock functions in order to efficiently test your asynchronous code in React Apps!

Integrating MongoDB to NextJs

Connecting a database like MongoDB is an essential feature for many web apps. NextJS makes it pretty easy to do it!

Sending and storing data to MongoDB

The NextJS api routing system makes it very easy and convenient to send and store data to a backend.

Spotify Authentication with ReactNative

Authenticating Spotify users in your ReactNative app with expo-auth-session!

How I generated 217% ROI with sports betting and machine learning

Read this post to get know how I developed a highly profitable betting strategy with python.

Pre-render Dynamic Routes with Next.js

In this blog post you will learn how to pre-render sites with dynamic routes with NextJS in combination with MongoDB

How to automatically add pngs/jpgs to a pdf file

Use python in order to easily automate stuff which usually takes several minutes or even hours and save some valuable lifetime!


I started my programming journey with python and the data science tec stack like pandas, sklearn, numpy, tensorflow and more. Currently, I'm on my way of becoming a full stack web developer.

  • Front-End

    Javascript/Typescript + React + Next.js +
    HTML + CSS

  • Back-End

    Node.js + Express.js + SQL
    GraphQL + MongoDB

  • Data Science

    Python + Pandas + Sklearn + Keras
    Numpy + TensorFlow

About Me

During my first studies of Business Administraion at the University of Applied Sciences in Wedel I firstly got in touch with SQL-Databases and Visual Basic. After graduating I studied psychology and I followed my passion for statistics by getting into Data Science with Python. That was the point, where I decided to become a software developer. Check out the rest in the timeline! If you want to see my resume, please feel free to email me.